The last day of the year

Today is the last day of year and there are so many things to do and I wish I had done…. Today we will prepare for the best food and party. My country celebrates New Year more than Christmas..

2022 has been a long and very painful year for me since I have been sick and in pain. I still don’t know how the 2023 will be and I hope to find what sickness I have or a cure about it. Luckily I had Gara and my family 💞💕. Sadly (but happy) Loki ( the budgie) had found a new home and partner. He runway one day and when I found him he had bonded with another budgie so I let him with his friend. His new house was beautiful and I’m sure he is very happy. Gara has been a very good girl and has changed allot. She is very calm and relaxed and more friendly with us. She understands that she is in her forever home and is very grateful for it.


I started my YouTube channel and a blog to share with everyone about my adorable pets and to save many photos and videos I had recorded. My phone was only with their photos and didn’t have space anymore so I decided to post them online. I’m so happy to find people that became my friends and be part of a great community. Thank you for your time and love. Thank you for a wonderful 2022 and I hope to see you again and I hope you will be able to enjoy 2023 better than 2022.

Happy New Year 2023

Parrot wishes happy new year
Bird wishing happy holidays
Indian ringneck parakeet happy new year 2023


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